Top 5 Tips for the Best First Haircut Experience

February 16, 2016
A young boy blowing bubbles while sitting in a haircut chair next to a Snip-its stylist.

Everything is a milestone in your new baby’s life. As new little humans, the first of—well, pretty much everything—is important, memorable and a treasure. Too bad our kids don’t always understand or cooperate during their milestone moments.

Baby’s first haircut is no exception. Here are the Top 5 tips to destress and enjoy the first haircut with your kiddos.

Tip 1: Be Prepared

  • Tell your kids what’s happening. Talk about each item they’re going to encounter—the cape, the shears, the spray bottle, and the blow-dryer. Even well-known items like combs and brushes are used differently in a salon and haircut scenario then at home.
  • Visit the salon before the haircut and show your child the items you discussed at home in action.
  • Take your little ones with you on your next salon visit. Kids love to be just like their parents—show them this is something mom and dad do too.

Tip 2: Play “Haircut” at Home

  • Pretend your fingers are shears and practice trimming little one’s bangs and locks.
  • Practice sitting in a chair in front of a mirror with a towel or small blanket as a cape.
  • Use a blow-dryer to get your tiny tots acclimated to the feel and sound they make.

Tip 3: Get Psyched

  • Your kids know when you are nervous or apprehensive; they will feed off of your emotions. Make sure you are happy and excited for the first haircut.
  • Talk about the experience in a positive way. Use words like ‘snip’ or ‘trim’ instead of ‘cut’.
  • Read a fun book on the subject. Your local library can help you find a title. Here are a few examples: Mike’s First Haircut by Sharon Gordon, Henry’s First Haircut by Dan Yaccarino, and No Haircut Today! by Elivia Savadier

Tip 4: Time it Right

  • The best time of day for your child is probably the best time of day for a first haircut—somewhere between mealtime and naptime.
  • Decrease waiting time and the anxiety of anticipation by calling ahead on the day to ask about the current or anticipated wait time.
  • Every parent knows some days are just not going to be good days. Don’t hesitate to reschedule your plans if your little one is having one of THOSE days.

Tip 5: Don’t Expect a Perfect First Haircut

  • Go into the salon knowing it may not go exactly as planned. Take a laid back, easy approach to the situation.
  • Have one overall haircut goal and tell the stylist what it is: Hair is getting in the eyes, it’s too thick in places for comfortable sleeping, or it’s too long in the back. If the stylist knows what’s most important they can get that accomplished first in case the visit starts to go downhill.
  • It’s a new experience. Treat it like one. This may mean distracting your child by keeping little hands busy and out of the way of the shears, or it may mean having your little one sit on your lap half-way through the trim to reduce fussy, antsy tendencies.

Most importantly: Take pictures and enjoy the experience! The best first haircut tip is to make the day memorable, easy and fun.

You’ve got this. And we can help. The well-trained stylists at Snip-its are first haircut experts! Our First Haircut Photo Package is a fantastic keepsake that captures the first salon visit milestone. You’ll also receive a certificate that will include a special place for a souvenir lock of hair. Contact your local Snip-its salon for more details.