specialty services

At Snip-its, we offer more than just children’s haircuts. From ear piercing to rejuvenating “swimmers” shampoo, stunning party styles to intricate braiding, our specialty services are designed to make your child feel confident and amazing.

Trendy Braiding

We specialize in fun braiding services for kids, including French, Dutch, and other classic 3-strand braids. We also offer creative options like weaving colored tinsel or synthetic strands into their braids, adding a playful touch to their style experience. Let your child express their unique personality with our diverse braiding techniques!


Party Style / Up-Do

From trendy braided buns to classic tight and loose braids, high ponytails, wrap-around braids, and accessorized styles, our talented stylists craft beautiful hairstyles perfect for any special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, dance recital, pageant, or any other fun party or celebration, let us help your little one shine with confidence and style.

Ear Piercing

Experience stress-free basic earlobe piercing for kids at select Snip-its salons. Our expert staff, trained to reduce anxiety and create a fun atmosphere, guarantee a memorable moment for your child and their friends. Choose from silver or gold stud starter kits, complete with cleaner and aftercare instructions for peace of mind. * Not available in all markets. Please inquire.

Swimmer Treatment

Discover our specialty shampoo treatment designed for kids at Snip-its! Say goodbye to hard water stains and green chlorine-damaged hair with our gentle yet effective solution, perfect for your little swimmers.