How to: Pompadour with Hard Line Part

May 17, 2016
Two boys showing off their Pompadour haircuts from Snip-its.

We asked our Kids’ Hair Experts what some of their favorite styles and current kids’ trend cuts are. Melissa from Hudson, OH responded with the perfect summer boys look just in time for end of school celebrations to begin.


We love the way it looks! Dapper little dudes are ready to go run and play and do all the things little boys do in the summer with just a slight touch of sophistication added in. Consult with your Snip-its stylist for the best products and style for your child’s specific hair type.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wacky Wax
  • Comb

Melissa’s Styling Tips:

  1. Put a little Wacky Wax on your finger tips and rub the product around in your palm—heating it up in your hands helps make it a little sticker which makes the product move better throughout the hair.
  2. Spread the wax into the top of the head and comb through.
  3. Once combed through, start shaping the top and moving the hair up and backwards towards one side of the head—trying to lift it up a little to give it body and height.
  4. Once you get the desired shape, use a little Wacky Wax to smooth the back and sides of the hair.



Stop by a salon today and meet all of our kids’ hair experts and learn about trends and how-tos for the upcoming summer season. We Speak Kid and can’t wait for your little one’s haircut adventure to begin.