Customer Appreciation Days 2022

September 30, 2022
Snip-its Customer Appreciation Days Oct 11-14

Thank you – We Love Our Customers

We can never express our customer appreciation enough; but we’re going to try this October with 50% OFF HAIRCUTS at participating locations!

We strive for a great customer experience in our salons – Snip-its’ kids and their families get haircut adventures that are fun and special. That’s been our goal since the first Snip-its opened in Framingham, MA in 1995 and continues to be the goal of our brand, each individual franchise salon owner, and each one of their stylists and barbers.

Customer Appreciation Days

Your Kiddo Deserves Their Own Salon

Snip-its Customer Appreciation Days

Here’s the heart of our story and our customer appreciation: Adult salons are not for children. Not every haircut is a happy one – there are no condoning looks or side eyes here. Your kids are welcome to be kids; that might mean screams or whimpers when they visit – and that’s OK. Every haircut should start with the potential to be ha-ha-happy. You’ll find that with us: A safe place where you and your kiddo realize our salon belongs to kids and where their stylist truly believes making someone smile is the art of creating happiness.

We Love What We Do


Customer Appreciation Days

No one ever regrets time spent blowing bubbles – and we get to do it all the time! Turning frowns upside down, screams into giggles, and trepidation into joy is what we do best. Happy families are a rewarding reality in our salons, and we wouldn’t be here without our customers – thank you for making us love what we do.

We hope every visit to Snip-its Haircuts for Kids is a magical one.

Customer Appreciation Days: October 11-14 – 50% OFF Haircuts

Purple and green button worn during Customer Appreciation Days

We’d love to say a huge thank you to all our loyal customers (and new ones who want to give us a try) with 50% OFF HAIRCUTS at participating salons from Tuesday, October 11 – Friday, October 14, 2022.

That means:

  • Every haircut in the participating locations will be 50% off those days – we’re not stopping there!
  • We’ll have prizes and giveaways including social media sweepstakes on each participating salon’s social pages as well as the brand pages.
  • Lots of bubbles and fun.
  • All the gratitude we can throw at you.

You can join our daily waitlist by checking-in online for same day visits. Our online check-in opens at least an hour before the salon does each day – click one of the participating salons below for more information. We can’t wait to celebrate you!

Participating Locations:

  • Canton – 95 Washington St
  • Millbury – 70 Worcester-Providence Turnpike
  • Peabody – 3600 Andover St in Peabody Place
North Carolina
New York
  • Avon – 35514 Detroit Rd
Rhode Island
South Carolina
  • Bellevue – 15600 NE 8th St inside Crossroads Shopping Center
  • West Seattle – 4506 California Ave SW