2017 Ponytail Style and Other Kids’ Hair Trends Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie

September 8, 2017

2017 Fall Trend Alert: Our kids’ hair trends blog posts this year continue to track the rise in color services for your little one. Snip-its is partnering with My Little Pony: The Movie—in theaters October 6—to highlight this trend in fun, kid-approved, magical fashion.

All September and into October you can go to any Snip-its location and add color to your tiny one’s hair or nails for on-trend, pony-fied style! All add-on services on our limited-time color menu are $5.


Which magical style will your kiddo pick?



Songbird Serenade is the hottest musical act in Equestria! She uses her angelic voice and performing skills to celebrate the magic of friendship. This diva also donates her time and effort to any cause, and is always willing to give back to her adoring fans. Our magical style takes its inspiration from Songbird Serenades’ amazing fringe by putting three color streaks in your little one’s bangs.



Spike is best friends with Twilight Sparkle and her number one assistant. He has the ability to magically deliver items with his green fire breath and has a pretty big crush on Rarity. We took our inspiration literally and will add three color streaks in your dapper dude’s hair!



Rarity knows how to add sparkle and shine! She loves to give her friends advice on the latest pony fashions and hairstyles (we like her a lot). She embodies generosity and inspires our royal manicure with fashion-forward, on-trend color polish.

TREND ALERT: Ponytail Style. Classic but fun, the ponytail is making a huge splash during Fall 2017. Perfect when combined with twists, braids or embellished with ribbons and bows or a color streak or 3—get ahead of the trend and start wearing high, low, sleek and side ponytails with a big dash of creativity…like the last two magical styles inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie. And join the Mane 6 on their biggest adventure yet, in theaters October 6.



Rainbow Dash loves to fly fast, play games, go on adventures, or help out one of her friends. She is loyalty personified. Her rainbow tail is all the inspiration we needed for our color tales version: Three streaks in the classic, but trendy ponytail!



Applejack loves to be outside. She’s honest, friendly and sweet to the core! Her friends know they can always count on her and her honesty. Her affinity towards hair accessories inspired this look. One of our favorite party styles, the Snp-its “One Trick Pony” gets upgraded when 3 color streaks are added. Great for party and play, your little princess will love this look and the pony who inspired it.

Kid-friendly, temporary color means you can switch these colors and designs up frequently; it also means you can stop in throughout September and October and try more than one magical style inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie.


We continue to see individual expressionism in kids’ hair trends for 2017. Let Snip-its help add that creativity, imagination and individuality to your kiddos’ new ‘do with inspiration from My Little Pony: The Movie, in theaters October 6. Friendship, adventure and magical style—the perfect combination! Stop into your local Snip-its now and pick your favorite add-on color service inspired by the Mane 6 and their motion picture journey. Share your magical styles with us across social media using #MyLittlePonySnipits and see My Little Pony: The Movie, in theaters October 6. See our branded My Little Pony: The Movie Facebook posts, like and be entered into a drawing for a free haircut and a movie prizes.

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