Easter Egg-stravaganza: Alternate kid-friendly Easter egg dyeing ideas

April 14, 2017

Family-fun time alert! Check out our list of alternate kid-friendly egg dyeing ideas for your family Easter egg-stravaganza this weekend. We speak kid and they really want to dye some eggs for the Easter bunny.

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

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Shaving Cream Marbled Easter Eggs

Foaming shaving cream, food coloring and a dollop of fun. See directions from Good Housekeeping here. Try it with whipping cream and a little vinegar too.

Painter’s Tape Easter Eggs

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Tape the Perfect Design

Yet another way to use Painter’s tape. Your kiddos will have a blast creating crazy designs with the blue tape before dunking their hard boiled eggs in dye.

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

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Glow in the Dark Paint

This one will make you the most popular parent on the block. Great for evening, after dinner craft time. Peruse this How To post from Growing a Jeweled Rose for all the details.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

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Fun, Easy & Quick Tissue Transfer Easter Eggs

Leftover pastel tissue paper in the house can easily turn into a crepe paper craft project of awesome for you and your little ones. Get the details here.

Nail Polish Easter Eggs

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Beautiful Swirl of Colors
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Gorgeous Results

Grab some nail polish, plastic cups and a splash of adventure. You can’t stop the giggles that will ensue with this messy fun project. Check out the How To from Hello Glow.

Natural Easter Egg Dyeing (The Onion Skin Method)

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Dried Flowers and Grass Make the Designs
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So Many Options and Colors

Earth Day is next week; start celebrating early. Here’s a great way to upcycle natural ingredients like onion skins and beet peelings with your tiny tots. Check out Happy Kitchen’s version with natural and dried design ideas too.

So many great ideas! Checkout Pinterest—where we found all of these great ideas—for even more Easter egg inspiration. All of our salons are closed on Sunday–have a great day celebrating with family and friends. We’re open our regular hours next week in case somebunny needs a super-fun, kid-friendly haircut adventure!