2017 Back to School Hair Trends

July 14, 2017
Snip-its 2017 Back to School Hair Trends

Make your kiddos classroom ready with these fresh, back to school hairstyles from our Snip-its Kids Hair Experts. 2017 back to school hair trends are more of what we’ve already seen in kids’ hair this year—it’s time to spice up the first day of school, picture perfect look by adding some imagination, embellishment and flare!

Girl Style

The Razor Bob

Snip-its 2017 Back to School Hair Trends

Cute, classic and never out of fashion, this school year try the modern razor version with a shorter back and longer sides–and a soft, layered texture for movement and a bit of fun.


2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

This trend continues because it works on all hair types and is convenient to take care of and style but also adorable! Your tiny tot will rule the school yard with confidence and style.

Twists and Braids

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

No surprise here – nothing says “Girl Style” like a braid…or two…or more. Add that back to school flare this fall with twisted up-dos, loose braids and color embellishment. Plait in the front, plait in the back or plait on the sides—anything goes with this trend.

Trend Alert:

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

Ponytail Style. Classic but fun, the ponytail will be making a huge splash during the second half of 2017. Perfect when combined with twists, braids or embellished with ribbons and bows or a color streak—get ahead of the trend and start practicing high, low, sleek and side ponytails with a big dash of creativity.

Boys Style


2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

Your little guy is ready to go back to school with the IT look of 2017. This short, clipper cut is longer in the front for versatility in styling. The hard line, side part is definitely the coolest way to rock the long-o-top look. Set your guy up for the best school year yet with this cool kids’ style.


2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

Just one way to style your tiny dude’s undercut. The length on top means you can spike it up, on the side or in the middle. A sharp side part or hard line will totally transform an otherwise typical hairstyle, showing off that punky, boyish charm.

Mid-Taper Cropped Sides

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

For your guy who doesn’t like mornings or getting ready for school. This easy-to-style haircut makes it possible to roll out of bed and straight to the school bus whilst still looking school cool. Keeping the top brushed forward is where you get that lovable dapperness.

Unique Embellishment to Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Textured Flare

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

Curly hair gets a dose of school-day sparkle and charm when styled with twists and braids in front—to act as a natural headband; pinned back sides—right behind the ears—with teased-out back and bottom; or a shot of Snip-its Sparkle Spritz to add shine whilst taming frizz.

Dapper Pop of Color

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

Color shots and hair stencils for the little rock star who wants to express some soul. Kid-friendly, temporary color means you can switch these colors and designs up frequently.

Cut-in Designs

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

This up-sweep mohawk is great for textured and curly hair. Get more vertical form by letting the natural hair texture to do the work—just a little Snip-its Silly Slicker or Funky Spiker will keep this look going straight through any afterschool activities. The cut-in lines add fun, individual style!

2017 Snip-its Back to School Hair Trends

The biggest back to school hair trend for 2017 is individual expressionism. Let Snip-its help add that creativity, imagination and individuality to you little ones new ‘do. Talk with one of our Kids Hair Experts—we can help get your kiddo ready for back to school. Hot trends, cute looks and a whole lot of fun—it’s all inside your local Snip-its.