autism support

At Snip-its, we are committed to serving families in the Autism community. We strive to ensure that all children living with Autism and sensory sensitivities feel welcomed in our salons. Our salon teams are dedicated to treating each child with patience, dignity, and kindness, creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Kids With
Special Needs Get Special Attention

Snip-its was the first children’s salon to offer specialized salon autism training. Because of this, we have earned a reputation as the most inviting salon environment for families and children living with autism. Snip-its stylists undergo specialized training to ensure they can effectively meet the needs of children with special needs. We continually look to the latest research in collaboration with autism experts to guide our training methods, ensuring a positive salon experience for every child. Explore our Snip-its Haircut Training Guide for helpful tips and information to help your child feel comfortable during their salon visit. Consider contacting your local Snip-its to schedule a pre-visit to familiarize your child with the salon and their team.