A young girl enjoying her haircut experience with a stylist at Snip-its.
Ladibugs Lice Control Hair Spray from Snip-its

Having lice isn't nice.

If your kids have lice, they’re not alone. Every year, millions of kids get head lice with most cases occurring in preschool and elementary school-age kids. Because lice can happen to anyone, Snip-its stylists are trained to check for lice eggs during the parent/child consultation before any cutting of hair begins.

Here are some tips to help prevent lice breakouts.

Educate your children about not sharing combs, hats, scarves, helmets, hair accessories, or any other object that might touch someone else’s head. Lice crawl; they do not jump. They spread by head-to-head or head-to-object-to-head contact.

Try to refrain from washing your child’s hair every day. Lice like clean hair because it’s easier to attach to. Instead, wash your child’s hair every other day or even every third day with Snip-its Shampoo & Body Wash.

Use a preventative, natural, leave-in lice repellant like Fairy Tales and Ladibugs Hair Care, sold at participating Snip-its, every day before school.

Be on the lookout for breakouts.

Check for breakouts by looking behind the ears and nape area first, as these are the areas in which lice tend to lay eggs. Lice eggs are white and stick to the strands of hair; they do not flake off easily. They are also easier to see in natural light, so check for them in front of a large window or outside, if possible. Here’s what you can do if eggs are detected:

Comb through small sections of the hair with a lice-removal comb until all eggs are removed.

Use a natural product to kill any eggs that may have gone unnoticed.

Sanitize everything your child has come in contact with: wash sheets, towels, car seat covers, and clothing in hot water; replace combs/brushes, or soak them in rubbing alcohol for up to 1 hour; place stuffed animals in a hot dryer for 30 minutes or in a tightly sealed plastic bag for two weeks.

Do not bring your child to a salon for lice removal. Most states will not allow salons to cut/style hair until all eggs are removed.

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