World Autism Month

April 2, 2018
Snip-its 2018 Autism Awareness

Today is the 11th annual World Autism Awareness Day. Joined by the international community, thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world, light blue in recognition of people living with autism. Only awareness can open doors to better understanding and acceptance.

Snip-its 2018 Autism Awareness

Show the Love

April is World Autism Month. At Snip-its we wear blue and decorate the salon in blue all month long to show our love and support for our customers with autism. Our Kids Hair Experts are trained and certified to meet the needs of kids with autism. We want every child to have fun and enjoy their haircut experience.

Snip-its 2018 Autism Awareness

Share the Love

We love all of our customers with sensory sensitivities who are brave enough to face the world each day–let alone visit us for Haircut Adventures in the salon. The salon can be a loud and overwhelming place for kiddos with autism. They are all so special and capable of expressing any emotion in their own way; we’re so happy we get the chance to give them great style and fresh new ‘dos.

Snip-its 2018 Autism Awareness

Why We Love Our Customers with Autism and Other Sensory Disorders:

They are highly dedicated to—and interested in—their interests.

And we love to listen to them tell us all about it – hello, we’re stylists.

They are likely to be very straightforward and direct.

Any client who can tell us exactly what they want is a blessing.

They tend to have great attention to detail.

We get to share exactly what we are doing, which tools we are using and why. Plus, we know they’ll have fun using the products we used during the service at home to replicate their new style. 

They are more likely to feel content because calm and stability are important.

This visual haircut guide means each kiddo and their families can prepare in advance. The great big smile and genuine happiness expressed at the end of the haircut adventure means a job well done.

They are very reliable and committed—they will stick to plans and follow through with things.

Our kiddos with autism have favorite stylists they love seeing on each visit and we LOVE to see our clients again and again!

They are very sensitive to sound, smell and light; they may also be sensitive towards their own and other people’s feelings.

We love that we can help with the sensory issues – you can always call ahead and find a time to come in when the salon is less crowded; we can turn down the lights and music then too.

They are likely to think about the facts—they care about what, when, why, who, where and how.

We never get tired talking about hair!

They are likely to be more accepting and welcoming of difference and many challenge ‘norms’.

We never get tired of trying new styles, colors, braids or hard lines either!

They have a different way of thinking about things which can lead to creative ideas and innovative solutions.

We mean, what’s not to love!

Snip-its 2018 Autism Awareness

Checkout our Autism Support page on the website and stop into your local Snip-its to help us show the love this World Autism Month. We’re waiting to see you for your next Haircut Adventure!