Spring Hair Trends for Tots

February 29, 2016
A young girl with a front braid and short ponytail playing outside.

It’s almost time: cold, dull winter days are getting ready to shift into fresh, new spring ones. The sun is out a little bit more each day and our little ones are anxious to run and play in its warm glow.

Winter blues and cold-weather damaged hair needs a fresh, spring fix. The solution—forecasted spring trends—is here!

Girls Trends:

  • Bobs, Bangs and Braids—Fringe is making a comeback, whilst braids in little girl’s tresses are sticking around. Tiny accent braids in shorter bobs, or longer, head-wrapping braids in longer looks—braiding has extra-long staying power for your little princesses this spring. Freshen-up spring hair with accessories like headbands, glitter strands and flowing scarves.
  • A Fresh Take on Classic Looks—This spring, trendy hair starts with some basic, classic looks. Little girls can easily refresh the classic looks by adding a slight twist like a hair-wrapped side pony, braided buns, or soft, curly tresses pulled back into pigtails on top of the head, near the front.
  • Pigtails—Your tiny tots can wear them high, on top of their head, or braided down the back—every which way imaginable. This spring trend lets little girls be little girls—young, fresh, fun and ready to play hard.

Boys Trends:

  • Close and Cropped—Renewing your wee man’s look starts with a close, cropped haircut. This spring it’s super easy to maintain and ready for action.
  • Texturize. Texturize.—If your little guy prefers longer tresses, then you’ll love this spring’s texturizing trend. A little product, a bit of piecing, and some imagination is all it takes to make him look like a star.
  • Tousled Locks—Can’t get him to sit still long enough for a haircut? There’s a kids hairstyle just for him this spring. Tousled, playful hair is on trend and easy to do. Use some product to keep those longer locks out of his eyes, add a little hairspray at the roots—or gel finger-styled through the hair—and then let the rest just be.

The best spring trend advice: Contact the kids hair experts at your local Snip-its salon for tips on styles and products to use for your child’s specific hair type. Renew, refresh and think spring!