We Speak Kid…and it’s hysterical!

July 21, 2017
We Speak Kid 2017

We may have mentioned once or twice: We Speak Kid. Also, we celebrate kids too. Kiddos are our passion and the reason we exist. There’s a million and one Pinterest and social media memes out there focusing on kid speak. We are the kids hair experts, which means we have our own list of absolute favorites!

Kid-Speak Words

These crack us up whenever we hear them.

We Speak Kid 2017

We Speak Kid 2017

We Speak Kids 2017

We Speak Kid 2017

We Speak Kid 2017

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Funny Things Kids Say During a Snip-its Haircut Adventure

Your tiny tots crack us up! This is why we love being Kids Hair Experts. Check out things stylists have overheard from those precocious children whilst they’re in the salon chair.

  • “Hello, I’m not her husband.”—Little man called for his haircut adventure to begin–and pointing at his mom.
  • “C’mon Elsa, get it together.” –Little princess playing with her doll in the chair during her haircut (Elsa kept falling down).
  • “Why would someone dress like a hamster?” –Serious discussion between mother and son during a haircut adventure (hamster is hipster in this sentence).
  • Kiddo waving a lollipop, “Vegetables are ruining my life.”

Memorial Day kid-friendly ideas

  • “I will have mine in pink, please.” –a girl requesting a braid at the end of her haircut.
  • “I don’t want a circle of skin in the middle of my hair like daddy.”—Dapper dude’s response to the “how to cut and style” question. Finger pointing at Daddy, of course.
  • “Ouch, I stubbed my toe—the one that ate roast beef!”—kiddo getting out of the chair too enthusiastically and running into the parent chair at the station.
  • “Mom, can I have your phone? I need to make a selfie.”—tiny one playing in the reception area with Snips.

Lightning Bolt Designs

  • “Where’s my prize?”—he said. “What’s the magic word?”—the receptionist asked. “Abracadabra!” –he correctly stated.
  • “I’m happy because haircuts are the vehicle to ice cream.”—handsome guy with his new ‘do getting out of the chair.

Poe Dameron inspired

  • “My ant sisters came over on the cauliflower.”—discussing ancestors and family with the stylist.
  • “When I get scared I like to be wrapped up like a Dorito.”—discussing fears and how not to be afraid with a stylist before the haircut begins.

It’s fun in here! We’d love to hear what you hear your kids say during their Ultimate Haircut Adventures at Snip-its. Let us know using #WeSpeakKid.