Kid-friendly Summer Meals

July 29, 2017
Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals

The dog days of summer are here. Making a big family meal is just not that appetizing when it’s so hot outside. We’ve rounded up 5 easy, no oven summer meals. They are kid-friendly, healthy and light. Perfect for summer entertaining or eating al fresco with the family. Just right for snacking in between your family’s busy, summer activities schedule or back to school agenda.

bbq chicken sandwich

Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals has a great recipe using a rotisserie chicken and coleslaw from your local delicatessen or grocery store deli department. We give this recipe a gold star for getting kids to eat their veggies as a yummy, cool and refreshing sandwich topping.

chicken Caesar salad pita

Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals

Sneaking salad into sandwiches?! What will they think of next? Pita is fun for kiddos and an easy sandwich alternative. Stuff your pita with any of your family’s favorite salads. We love Greek Salad pita sandwiches with hummus and Cobb Salad pita sandwiches!

tomato, peach & watermelon panzanella

Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals

Two Fit Moms are inspiring with this recipe for bread salad. Little ones get a kick out of helping to make this salad with big chunks of bread in it. The combination really hits the spot on a super-hot day.

TRY IT GRILLED: Peaches, watermelon, pears and pineapple are all amazing right off the grill too—perfect for this salad or just another summer meal option for dinner tonight.

fava bean dip

Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals

We promise—your kids will love this rich, green hummus-like dip. Serve it with an array of raw veggies and get your tiny tots to actually enjoy the vegetable portion of their summer meal. It’s also great with crackers, tortilla chips and cut-up pita. Martha Stewart’s recipe includes goat cheese for extra creaminess. You can also try making this dip with edamame and avocado!

nutella and banana sushi

Snip-its 2017 Summer Meals

We can’t forget dessert! Tiny hands can easily grab and prepare these flour tortillas spread with chocolate hazelnut spread, rolled around bananas, and sliced to look like sushi rolls. Top with a light dusting or powdered sugar and strawberries–e very family member will be clambering for more. This recipe from Kidspot certainly hits the spot.

Get outside and enjoy the dog days of summer with the whole family and these no cook, healthy recipes.