Holiday Styles and Winter Kiddo Hair Trends

December 16, 2017
Snip-its Holiday Styles

Playing off our kids’ winter hair trends, we searched our social media sites for picture perfect holiday styles this season. Our Kids’ Hair Experts and your social media shares did not disappoint!

Here’s a list of wonderful holiday styles for both boys and girls. We’ve shared a Snip-its hair care product for each look, so you can get these merry and bright hairdos at home.

Boys’ Holiday Styles

Holiday Comb Over

Snip-its Holiday Styles

This adorable little dude is ready to sing carols and build a snowman. Style this holiday comb over ‘do with a good helping of Snip-its Funky Spiker Super Hold Styling Gel.

Festive Under Cut and Hard Line Part

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Your little man will have the best look in this year’s school holiday production with this undercut and hard line part. All the trends, all the style and a perfect touch of holiday shine. Use Snip-its Wacky Wax to achieve this look.

Joyful Big Dipper

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Add some flair to thse perfect holiday photos; this Big Dipper look will make your little guy famous. Work Snip-its Silly Slicker Ultimate Sculpting Gel through the hair and finish with a shot of Snip-its Amazin’ Spray & Stay Hairspray.

Festive Girls’ Holiday Styles

Merry Curls and Wraparound Braid

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Nothing says festive season like curls, waves and bows. The wraparound braid is the star on top of the tree with this fancy ‘do. Start with Snip-its Tangle Tamer Detangling Spray for easier styling and a perfect braid every time.

Jingle Bell Headband Braid

Snip-its Holiday Styles

This delightful headband braid starts with a French braid at one ear and stops just behind the opposite ear. Secure it with an elastic binder, then pin into place and finish with a pony tail. Enhance with jingle bells, festive clips and Snip-its Sparkling Spritz Shining Mist to add plenty of holiday sparkle.

Seasonal Side Braid and Pony Tail Twist

Snip-its Holiday Styles

This charming holiday style takes two braids from behind the ear and nape of the neck, twisting them around and through a side pony tail to finish. Start with a few spurts of Snip-its Morning Miracle Mousse on wet hair. Blow dry completely for workable style, hold and to reduce flyaways. Add some glitter and fancy pins or clips to dress up this already elegant hairdo.

Shining and Bright Braided Pony with Color Streaks

Snip-its Holiday Styles

Color streaks are our number one trend this year. You can definitely spice up all of our holiday styles with a kid-friendly and fun color streak or two. We love this cheerful braid meets ponytail look! Simply section off a triangle of hair at the front and pin it aside. Take the remainder of the hair and put it into a high pony tail. Braid the top section you had previously put aside; wrapping it around the pony tail at the end and securing with bobby pins. Use hair chalk or color shots to add the color streaks. Finish with a few pumps of Snip-its Amazin’ Spray & Stay Hairspray to seal in the color and smooth out this joyful, holiday style.

Stop by a salon today and meet all of our Kids’ Hair Experts and learn about trends and how-tos for the upcoming winter months. We Speak Kid and can’t wait for your little one’s haircut adventure to begin.