Healthy Summer Hair Tips

May 20, 2017
healthy summer hair tips from Snip-its

Our hair takes a beating during summer months due to sun and water damage. Don’t stress. Here are our healthy summer hair tips to help you protect your little ones’ tresses this summer while they play, swim and enjoy the outdoors. Bright, golden days of summer are full-steam ahead!

Tips for the Swim Fan

Healthy summer hair tips for the pool
Swim Fan

Shampoo Less, Condition More

Your little one’s hair must replenish moisture to be healthy. In the summertime, everyone can shampoo less frequently while still conditioning every day. Try Snip-its Tangle Tamer Detangling Spray on dry ends when needed.


The key to avoiding chlorine damage is to prep your kiddo’s hair before they jump in the pool. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so it’s always a good idea to rinse with tap water first. Saturating the hair cuticle with water means there’s less room to absorb chlorine and other pool chemicals. You can also add a little Snip-its No Yellin’ Mellon Conditioner for coarser, dry hair or a few spritzes of Snip-its Tangle Tamer for finer tresses for more hydration.

Detangle and Treat

Alternate Snip-its Swimmer’s Solution Shampoo—this one purifies, removing chlorine, hard water and mineral residue without stripping out the moisture—with Tangle Buster Detangling Shampoo—which easily eases out knots and tangles without pain—throughout the summer months.

Tips for the Sun Goddess or Sports Star

healthy summer hair tips for kids at play outdoors
Fun in the Sun

Embrace Braids

sunLoose Summer BraidsA girl’s best friend (Mom, this one works for you too), the casual, loose summer braid is both trendy and healthy for your locks. Keeping the hair braided together keeps the sun out. A little Snip-its Funny Frizz Fix’r Smoothie Crème will calm frizz and balance moisture.

Fight Frizz

Think about using a wide tooth comb or Knot Genie during the summer months; a brush causes natural curly hair to frizz without the help of the sun and humidity. Both Snip-its Funny Frizz Fix’r and Snip-its Sparkle Spritz can help smooth out frizz on any hair type.

Sun Protection

protect against sun with this trendy hair wrap
Hair Wrap
Cute hats also protect hair from the sun
Sun Hat

Shield those locks when sun is at its worst! Scarves, hats and wraps work wonders – and they’re just so adorable. Snip-its Amazin’ Spray & Stay Hairspray also protects hair and scalp against sun’s damaging rays; pump a few sprays into your hand and then work through your child’s hair.

Healthy Summer Hair Tips for the Whole Family

Drink More Water

drinking water hydrates skin and hair all summer long
Lots of Water!

Drinking water hydrates your body, skin and hair. Make sure you and your kiddos are getting enough every day.

Get a Trim

Frequents trims can make hair healthy all summer long
Haircut Adventure

Stop into Snip-its for a haircut—or just a clean-up—to get rid dry, damaged ends. Hair grows faster and healthier with frequent haircuts. Snipping the ends creates strength whilst reducing frizz and cowlicks.


The Ultimate Duo

Snip-its Swimmer’s Duo is on sale now! This summer, get Swimmer’s Solution and No Yellin’ Melon bundled together for one great price. Treat your tiny tot’s tresses with our Swimmer’s Duo prescription all season long.

Wishing you a family-fun summer with less hair stress!