Hair Scare

October 30, 2017
Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its

Why not take this spooky time of year to talk about Tonsurephobia, the fear of getting a haircut? Although some adults have this very real phobia, it’s mostly our kiddos who suffer—and eventual grow out of—this hair scare.

Let’s face it: Children’s haircuts can be a strongly emotional experience for everyone involved—even when you, the parent, are the one deciding it’s time for the first cut. A haircut is a true symbol of growing up—and, as all parents discover, every milestone in their kiddo’s life becomes a focus for celebration, as well as sadness for what is no more. Growing pains for both you and your little one.

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its   Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its

At Snip-its we make haircuts not-so-scary; in fact, we strive to make haircuts ha-ha-happy! Whether it’s your hair scare or your kiddo’s, here’s some tips before, during and after you head to the salon to make the hair experience more of a treat than a trick.


  • The first and potentially biggest hair scare is your little one’s perception of “cutting”. When you are cut, it’s painful. Of course, when your hair is cut is must be painful too! Use the word “trim” at home when discussing haircuts to put your kiddo’s mind at ease.
  • Explain the tools used in a haircut and role play the haircut experience using a safe kitchen gadget like a pair of tongs. Play with a comb at home first to get your tiny tot used to the sensation.
  • Use a visual guide like the one on our website to explain what will happen during the entire visit. Make it an adventure to get your kids excited about their haircut.
  • Pre-visit the salon and meet the stylists. Any new place can be scary, but a visit to feel out the salon, the experience and the stylists will put your mind at ease as well as your child’s.

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its  Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its


  • The best times to get a haircut for your little one: After a nap or after lunch when they are well rested and fed and their attention span is a little longer.
  • Some kiddos are calmer when they are sitting in your lap during the actual haircut. Snip-its has adult cutting capes and an adult styling chair ready and waiting if needed.
  • Both the parent and the stylist can explain and show what’s happening each step of the way.
  • If your child is nervous about—or sensitive to—loud sounds, the stylist will get them used to the hair dryer and trimmer sounds before brining either tool close to his or her head.
  • Make them part of the adventure: Let your little one hold the safe tools like a comb or spray bottle whenever the stylist is not using it.
  • Distractions are great! Videos, games, songs, toys, bubbles, gold fish crackers and lollipops are some of our favorites. They also make it FUN! Who doesn’t want to go on a haircut adventure when they can play a game and get a sugary treat!
  • Very nervous kiddos may also appreciate their favorite baby doll or stuffed animal getting a haircut at the same time. The stylist can perform each step on the doll first.
  • Give your little one some control. Have them pick out their hairstyle, a color streak or a bow to finish the style.
  • If there’s still a problem, you may consider having a grandparent or babysitter take your little one for haircuts (you should be there for the first one, for sure). Kids are usually on their best behavior with the trusted adults in their lives.

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its  Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its  


  • We celebrate kids and let them be who they want to be in our salon.
  • Haircuts don’t have to be scary, but we understand kids may cry and be upset when sitting in our chairs. We’re prepared for that and ready to let them cry without your or your little one being embarrassed.
  • Kids don’t sit still during a haircut and we’re prepared for that too. Our kid-size styling chair are a special chair for a special cut; there’s plenty of room for wiggling and squirming, but it’s more contained in a chair that fits just right.
  • We have parent chairs at each station so you are involved in your kiddo haircut adventure from a comfortable location without being in the way or too far away. The adult styling chair in the salon means you can also get your haircut first to ally your little one’s fears.
  • Our Kids Hair Experts are passionate about cutting kids’ hair; it’s what we do and we’re good at it.
  • We make that First Haircut memorable with the First Haircut Memory Package. A picture, lock of hair and a First Haircut Certificate to celebrate the milestone moment.
  • It’s a Haircut Adventure: We make the haircut and everything surrounding your kiddo in the salon fun and exciting and at the end of the haircut with a job well done, your little one can put their Adventure Club Pass into a slot at the Magic Box and go away with a toy surprise and a selfie with Snips.

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its  Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its

Get rid of those hair scares and come in for a haircut adventure: We Speak Kid. At Snip-its, we want both you and your child to have a great exp-hair-ience every time! It’s fun in here.

Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its  Conquer the Hair Scare at Snip-its