From Stylist to Snip-its Salon Owner

February 7, 2022
Franchisee Samantha Behind the desk

Today we’d like to spotlight one of our newest Franchisees. She recently celebrated her first year as a Snip-its Haircuts for Kids owner! Samantha Maxsween is a great example of how business-minded Hair Stylists with Snip-its can be on a path to becoming a Franchisee.

Meet Samantha

Samantha Maxsween under the arch


Samantha has been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years and joined Snip-its in Cicero, NY, in 2016 after having worked for a different children’s franchise. “I wholeheartedly loved what Snip-its was about and their presence in the community,” stated Ms. Maxsween. As she saw the immense opportunity to service children and families in the community, her dreams of being an independent business owner started to come together.

In late 2020, Ms. Maxsween was offered the opportunity to buy the salon from the then-owners, who were looking to exit. The chance to make her dream become a reality had arrived. She grabbed the opportunity to become a Snip-its Franchisee and took over the salon in early 2021.

Being My Own Boss

Franchisee Samantha Behind the desk


“Being my own boss has allowed me to leap farther and dream bigger. For the last several years I have dreamed about owning a children’s hair salon, and now that I’m in it. I see more opportunities for growth by expanding to different locations. It certainly comes with challenges, but it’s worth it when I see the impact Snip-its has in the community and the sense of pride, accomplishment, stability and financial freedom it can bring.” Ms. Maxsween said.

Support System

Snip-its Stylist Station in Cicero, NY

Ms. Maxsween added that peer support at both the salon level and among other Snip-its Franchisees across the country has been instrumental as she has made the transition to owning her first salon. “I was able to connect with other owners from East Coast to West Coast to collect new ideas and navigate COVID regulations and employee relations.” Ms. Maxsween said.

Brand Awareness

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids front of salon view

In addition to peer and corporate support, Snip-its Franchisees have incredible ownership in a brand. Aside from being a trusted name in the market for a quarter of a century, Snip-its offers memorable branding that children and families love.

“What sets Snip-its apart from the other competition in the children’s salon space is that Snip-its has its own salon-based character theme,” Ms. Maxsween noted. “The characters are relatable and fun for kids, and the salon environment is bright and inviting. I have yet to experience that with another children’s-based salon.”

Become a Snip-its Haircuts for Kids Franchisee

Franchisee in Cicero NY Samantha Maxsween

There are many benefits to running a children’s hair salon. Snip-its Franchisee owners can enjoy convenient hours and pride in owning a business that serves families in the community. It’s a business model that provides ongoing revenue in a recession-resistant industry.

What does Ms. Maxsween find to be the biggest benefit? “The flexibility to spend time with my family and teach my daughter about working hard to achieve your goals and be successful,” she said.