DIY Valentine Card Ideas for the Classroom

February 13, 2017
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Here are some cute and inventive, last minute Valentine’s Day card ideas because your little kiddo just reminded you they needed to share with the class tomorrow and every store you stop at is out. Turn this year’s Valentine Debacle into smiles, laughs and giggles – in other words: family fun-time!

Fruit Inspirations

Using free printables from the internet, markers, pens or construction paper. These valentines are healthy for your little one’s classmates too:

Clementine Valentine
Conversation Clementines
Fruit Valentine Idea
Pun-ny Fruit Notes
Fruit with hearts and notes
Marker Heart Notes


Craft Projects

For the craftier family – yarn, construction paper and thread can produce these beautiful cards in a small amount of time.

Hearts and flowers
Heart Bouquet Card
Mice to know you
Chocolate Kiss Mice
Our class would knot be the same
Bracelet Cards
Wrap you up in my love
Wrapped Yarn Heart

Food Transformations

The cards may be gone, but every grocery store stocks these items which can be easily transformed into adorable valentines your kiddos will rave about.

You're one in a minion
Minion Snack Cake
You're the raisin I'm smiling
Raisin Notes
You're a gem of a friend
Ring Pop Gem
Robot juice box and pudding pack
Robot Valentine


Dollar Store Gold

These awesome valentines speak for themselves. Your kid will be an instant hit when these are delivered.

Your friendship blows me away
Bubble Valentine
I think you are just write
Pencil Cupid
U rock
Pet Rock, U Rock
You quack me up
Rubber Duck, You’re the One


Look on Pinterest—where we found all of these great ideas—for more great ideas, plus free printables to make tonight’s craft night even easier. Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow and don’t forget to stop in to your local Snip-its–we’re open regular hours tomorrow and President’s day. Your sweetie deserves another haircut adventure where kids can be kids!