DIY Daily Routine Charts for Kids

June 1, 2016
A young girl washing her hands in the kitchen sink.

Most kiddos need structure in their day—they thrive on it. An awful lot is changing in your little one’s world and it can be overwhelming: they are learning, developing, exploring and playing all of the time. Building consistency in the day helps your tiny tot gain confidence, explore the world without worry and develop comfort and flexibility.

Check out these DIY charts, lists and schedules from Pinterest to get your creative kiddos’ imaginations going. Creating a chart (or charts) as a family can be fun as well as a learning and bonding experience.



Velcro Daily Routine Chart – simple and easy. All you need is a file folder, a pair of scissors, art supplies and Velcro. Image via Pinterest



Cookie Sheet Chore Chart – a great way to use an old cookie sheet. This one definitely needs some adult supervision, but the outcome looks both fantastic and fun. Image via Pinterest



I’m Bored Jar—Great for the summer when kids are home and think they are bored. Come up with these ideas (both chores and play) as a family and get creative when decorating your jar. Image via Pinterest



Pebble Jar – Brilliant plan, especially for those Harry Potter fans—it’s like earning house points. Do a chore, pick-up, take the dog for a walk and get a pebble in your jar. Late for curfew, throw a tantrum or forget to put something away and get a pebble removed from your jar. Fill your jar and get a prize. Image via Pinterest



Job Board with Money—get a clip board or cork board and choose a monetary value for each chore and responsibility. Make decisions on tasks and money as a family and decorate they board together. Image via Pinterest



On the Clock—Perfect for a toddler’s daily routine chart and great for teaching time. Get a clock or draw a clock and place pictures of your little one’s schedule around the clock. Image via Pinterest



Picture Board—Create this board for a bedtime routine, morning routine or after school chart. A bulletin board, hooks and pictures on cards that can be flipped over once the task is accomplished. Image via Pinterest

Routine Setting Family Accomplishments:

  • Teach important parent/child boundaries.
  • Bed-time battle zone minimization.
  • Less toddler meltdowns.
  • Time management and routine building.
  • You’ll put an end to bed-time battles.
  • Flexibility: your kiddo will adjust better to stressful situations and not react as strongly when their schedule has to be changed.
  • It helps mom and dad get through the day!

Whether you want a chores list, a daily routine or just a bedtime checklist, your entire family can benefit from a routine chart. The more secure toddlers feel the more they can focus on learning, exploring and playing. Structure in your older kids’ days can also save on drama—which makes for a happier family!