Daddy Parenting Hacks

June 17, 2016


Just in time for Father’s Day, check out some of our favorite Pinterest inspired parenting hacks for clever and frugal parenting tips. We’re celebrating dad and parenthood fun!



Use coffee filters as snack bowls.



Use an empty baby wipes container to store travel snacks for your kids.



Make eating healthy snacks fun by putting them in an ice cube tray.



For school lunches, freeze the juice box and use it as an ice pack.



Forget about the knife and fork, use a pizza cutter to cut your kiddo’s food into smaller pieces. Prevent trips and sticky, tiny tot hands: Use a paper cupcake liner to catch popsicle drips.




At the doctor’s office: Let your little ones draw on the exam table paper; it gets thrown away after your visit anyway. The creativity will calm your kids down before the visit.

Get help looking for missing items and have a scavenger hunt for your missing sunglasses, keys, headphones or whatever.

Travel is tough; bring window gel clings along on your next airplane flight or car trip for window art fun.




Make a diaper caddy out of a wine or coffee carrier.

Put a command hook on the back of a high chair to hang bibs.

Attach a clip to the end of the bubble wand to keep it from falling into the container

Wash your kid’s LEGOs in your washing machine in a mesh laundry bag. Do the same with tiny baby socks to keep them from getting lost.

Add stickers to your little one’s shoes so they know which one goes on which foot.

Of course our favorite parenting hack is letting us cut your little one’s hair. Take the frustration and fear out of haircuts; stop by Snip-its and talk to a kid’s hair expert. You can also save money by picking up a Value Pack—it’s the cheapest way to get multiple regular haircuts. They haircuts never expire and can be used anytime. Happy Father’s Day—have a great day celebrating parenthood and family fun.