April is National Autism Awareness Month

March 28, 2016
A young boy blowing bubbles while sitting in a haircut chair next to a Snip-its stylist.

Every April our salons Light It Up Blue for autism awareness; Saturday, April 2 is World Autism Day after all. It’s an important subject and it is absolutely what makes us unique as a kid’s salon. Our stylists are experts in kid’s hair, but they are also experts in cutting the hair of our clients with autism. Our stylists go through certification and each one of them can tell you just how much that means to our families with autism.

If you have a little kiddo with autism or other special needs looking for a safe, fun environment for a haircut, then please:

  • Check out our website and download the Hair Cutting Training Guide for parents.
  • Watch the following videos on our website: Autism Haircutting Tips from Snip-its and the Snip-its Mikey Hartwell Story.
  • Call your local Snip-its; talk to the salon manager and set up a time to stop by so your tiny tot can get acquainted with the environment.
  • Call your local Snip-its and set up a pre-visit with a stylist to discuss sensitivities your kiddo might have.
  • Call your local Snip-its to get an appointment when the salon is less crowded.

10 Things Special Needs and Autism Parents Wish You Knew:

Showing support for everyone on the autistic spectrum, we’re highlighting a popular autism blog’s list.

  1. People don’t need to feel awkward when they’re around my son. Yeah, they may need to treat him a little differently, but I wish they wouldn’t be weirded out.
  2. Not all autism is the same.
  3. People seem to think that because my son isn’t like the one single other person they know on the spectrum, that he must not be autistic.
  4. These kids love. They need love. They are wonderful and bring enormous joy and laughter to those who love them.
  5. Knowing one child with autism doesn’t mean anything really – they’re all so different. Please don’t tell me my son doesn’t have it because he looks so different from the other kid you know on the spectrum.
  6. Kids with special needs are smart. Talented. Creative, and thoughtful. It may not be obvious all the time – their minds work differently.
  7. If my daughter is making strange noises, feel free to look. She’s just making them because she’s excited. Please don’t stand there and gape at us with your mouth hanging open.
  8. If you see my son in a grocery store, he may be head nuzzling, chewing on the corner of his shirt, or spinning. He’s anxious. I will not scold him, so please do not look at me as if I should. He can’t help how his body receives stimuli. He is trying to cope with the way his body is affected by his surroundings.
  9. From onlookers who think I am not addressing my child’s odd behaviors: I ask a little empathy. Don’t judge. Try to understand that his environment strongly affects him.
  10. Please accept our kids the way that you assume we will accept yours.

Check out her other posts: as well as this daddy blogger: for more awareness, insight and inspiration.

Stop by any Snip-its salon in April and help us Light It Up Blue by raising support for autism awareness! We are happy to help you show your support with any number of blue-themed services like a mini mani/pedi, hair tinsel and colored hair gel. We speak kid and we support families with autism. We want every child to have fun and enjoy their haircut experience. It’s what we do and why we do it!