2017 Kids Hair Trends

February 9, 2017
2017 Kids Hair Trends

A new year means new hair trends for those little kiddos we know and love. Snip-its is the perfect place to get your hot trends when it comes to kids hair. We are the experts!

Girls Hair Trends:


Classic Bob hair trends


Super cute and easy to style, this classic look becomes a trendy disheveled bob when you piece it out, add texture and mess it up. The bob comes in many different hair lengths and is perfect for both school days and play-dates.


Pixie Cut Hair Trends

Mod is back with a 2017 twist. Little girls look adorable in this short, cropped pixie cut with more layering on top.

Elaborate Braids

Elaborate Braids Hair Trends

Braids are here to stay when it comes to girl styles and trends. Your tiny tots will love looking like their favorite princess or fairy tale character! Many braids and partial braids making an elaborate hairdo are in. Look for lots of Dutch and top knot trends leading the pack this year.

Boys Hair Trends:


Undercut Hair Trends

The IT look for 2017 extra trendy when you add a hard line part! Your little man will look adorable with this short, clipper cut that’s longer in the front. Some Snip-its Funky Spiker and Wacky Wax will keep him dashing and dapper all day.

Hard Line Part

Hard Line Part Hair Trends

The hottest kid—and adult—trend around! The hard line is versatile, neat and bold. It looks great with a classic pompadour, undercut or quiff.


Pompadour Hair Trends

Comes in many shapes and sizes for men, women and children. We love the way the boys are wearing it this year with a tapered clipper cut and some edging, designs or hard lines cut in. It makes for a neat and clean look, even if the top is long and styled high.

Color, Design and Bling Hair Trends:

Add-on Flair

Glitter Roots Hair Trends
Glitter Roots
Tinsel Strands Hair Trends
Tinsel Strands

Everything’s better with sparkle! The glitter root trend is sweeping high fashion adult trends this year—but we know they’re just reliving their childhood. Our kiddos make this look sweet, charming and irresistible.

Kid-friendly Pop of Color

Color Streaks Hair Trends
Color Streak
Color Shots Hair Trends
Rock Star Color Shot
Hair Stencils Hair Trends
Hair Stencil

Color shots and hair stencils for the little rock star who wants to express some soul. Kid-friendly, temporary color means you can switch these colors and designs up frequently.

Cut-in Designs

Cut-in Lightning Bolt Hair Trends
Lightning Bolt Designs
Cut-in Hearts Hair Design
Hearts Design

Lighting bolt, hearts or any other design you can think of. Little ones are jumping at the chance to get their favorite designs cut right in to their haircut this year!

What are you waiting for? Stop in and talk with our Kids Hair Experts for tips on styles and products to use for your child’s specific hair type. Hot Trends, cute looks and a lot of fun—it’s all inside your local Snip-its.